In honor of Christi's memory, four separate annual $1,000 scholarships had been established in her name. Funds raised through the Christi Thomas Memorial Fund went to ensure, through these scholarships, that Christi's legacy lives on.

November 2015

In Christi's memory, every year since her death, we have awarded thousands of dollars to students to continue their education. After careful thought and deliberation, I've decided to no longer do this. While most would not know, nor would I want anyone to even imagine, it is deeply painful and downright gut wrenching for me each spring reading all of the applicants' portfolios and knowing I am only doing this because of all Christi endured including her death. I don't mean to disappoint anyone. I am sorry. Please know we will continue to be generous, but in other ways of our choosing. I appreciate your respect.

With gratitude,
Angela (Christi's mom)

Dance Unlimited Scholarship
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Despite four years of continuous treatments, Christi always took pleasure in returning to Tiffin to dance with Dance Unlimited whenever she was able. She adored all of her dance teachers and called her fellow classmates her friends. This scholarship will be awarded each year to a graduating Senior.

Fremont St. Joseph Central Catholic Scholarship
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Over the years, students and staff from Fremont St. Joe supported Christi in many loving ways. The Christi Thomas Scholarship will allow others from Fremont St. Joe to continue their love of education.

Heidelberg Education Scholarship
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Christi delighted in spending time with the Heidelberg Education Department and said many times, “I'm going to Heidelberg for my first college.” Christi wanted to study science. This annual scholarship will allow others, like Christi, to continue their love of learning at the ‘Berg. Students who are Juniors, majoring in Education, may apply each year.

Seneca East Scholarship
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All throughout her treatment, Christi was in school whenever her health permitted and she was happy to be there. She delighted in reading and learning and treasured her friendships. The Christi Thomas Scholarship will allow a graduating Senior from Seneca East to continue their love of education. 

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